About us

Who we are

We are a young, dynamic and innovative team, focused on our customer’s demands regarding the development of customer-size electronic solutions in the areas of prototyping, hardware and firmware development and large volume production preparation.

We are pleased to collaborate with both new-in-trade startups and already established companies in order to reduce their time-to-market and providing them the opportunity of succeeding in a field where the market evolves at a fierce rate. We have equipped laboratories with the most modern technologies and thank to collaborations with international leading suppliers in the field, we of VisionVolt intend to give our customers a service of excellence.

We strive to make our work known, to increase our partner´s network and to attend networking events, in order to expand our technical capabilities to all fields of product development. Always with the best solution for the client in mind, we count on the values of dedication, honesty and commitment to ensure the best so project’s escalation from paper to reality.


Visionvolt’s mission is to simplify the world of electronics, giving all our clients access to custom, efficient and quality solutions, contributing to their technological advancement and innovation.


Visionvolt’s vision is to be a global reference brand for the development of turnkey solutions of electronic products, available to everyone with a structured plan and with the recognition of its clients for the quality of services provided.